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Name: Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) Wang


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Title: Graduate Student

Current Institution: Stanford University

Status: PhD Candidate

Discipline(s): [11]

Countries of interest: Malaysia

Languages spoken: Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, English, Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)

Research interests:

Wang’s project explores the relationship between identity, ‘development,’ and place-making in post-colonial contexts through the lenses of political anthropology, science and technology studies, and theories of space and place. She investigates state-led, large-scale refinery and petrochemical development as a political technology to produce a particular modality of ‘rural modernity.’ Her ethnographic fieldwork shows how the materiality, spatiality, and temporality of oil development and its controversies afforded not only the emergence of novel political actors and practices but also the articulation of new political subjectivities and solidarities among ‘ethnic minority’ Chinese Malaysians in rural Malaysia. Her work speaks to an interdisciplinary audience interested in ‘rural development,’ oil politics, social movements and collective action, racial and ethnic formation, and diaspora studies.