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Name: Gian Cruz


Link to your website or academic bio:

Title: Multidisciplinary Artist, Independent curator, Researcher, Intercultural Projects Manager

Current Institution: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Barcelona

Status: MA Student

Discipline(s): [11]

Countries of interest: Philippines

Languages spoken: Tagalog, French, English, Spanish, Catalan, Korean, Bahasa Indonesia

Research interests:

My primary research interest concerns rendering visible and historicising artistic practices and contemporary art histories connected to HIV/AIDS in a Philippine and Southeast Asian perspective. Additionally, I am a cultural worker and manager also connecting the Filipino diaspora community in Barcelona with institutions and perpetually negotiating the visibility and access to resources helpful to the community in the domain of Philippine Studies and Southeast Asian studies writ large which remain significantly lacking or non-existent in Spanish institutions. Additionally, my current preoccupations also involves the creation of a multi-generational archive of the Filipino community in Barcelona and connecting it alongside other related American or European contexts as well as a performative archive on the Filipino identity anchored in queer narratives, cinema, and popular culture.