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Name: Helen Lewis


Link to your website or academic bio:

Title: Professor

Current Institution: University College Dublin

Status: Faculty

Discipline(s): [11]

Countries of interest: Thailand

Languages spoken: English, Russian, French (comprehend/read), German (read)

Research interests:

I am an archaeologist and geoarchaeologist working primarily on later prehistory in both northwest Europe and Southeast Asia. I co-direct a 20-year excavation and field training project in Palawan Island, the Philippines, jointly with the School of Archaeology UP Diliman and the National Museum of the Philippines. I have also been collating information regarding geoarchaeology standards of practice in the USA and EU. Previous and ongoing projects include research based in Laos, Malaysian Borneo, Japan, India, across the EU, UK and Ireland! In addition to field research, I work as an archaeological soil micromorphologist, studying features, monuments, caves, and buried soils, looking at landscape history and use of space on sites. My teaching experience includes: geoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, environmental archaeology, the later prehistory of Britain, Southeast and East Asian archaeology, archaeological project management, and archaeological fieldwork.