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Name: Nihlahtuzzahra


Link to your website or academic bio:

Title: Graduate Student

Current Institution: University of Queensland

Status: MA Student

Discipline(s): [11]

Countries of interest: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken: Indonesian, English

Research interests:

My research interest lies at the intersection of statistics, sociology, and religious studies. In particular, I am fascinated by the sociological aspects of Hajj fund management and the cultural nuances that influence these practices. This has led me to delve into a comparative analysis of Hajj fund management in different countries, specifically focusing on Indonesia and Malaysia, given their cultural similarities and close geographic proximity.

I aim to develop a comprehensive index that takes into account various factors such as an individual’s age, financial capability, and socio-cultural context to determine the optimal time for them to embark on the Hajj pilgrimage. This project seeks to employ my statistical expertise to provide a nuanced understanding of the socio-cultural elements that influence religious practices. I believe this endeavor can contribute significantly to our understanding of religious fund management, intercultural comparisons, and the broader implications for sociological research.

In doing so, I intend to collaborate with sociologists and other experts, both within and outside Indonesia, who can provide insights into the cultural aspects of Hajj practices. I see such a collaboration as an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas between statistics, sociology, and religious studies, potentially opening up new avenues for interdisciplinary research.