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Contested Territory: A Community Book Read by Christian Lentz

October 19, 2021, hosted by GETSEA

A community book read with Sumit Mandal, author of Contested Territory: Ðien Biên Phu and the Making of Northwest Vietnam and winner of the 2021 Benda Prize.

Lentz’s work focuses broadly on Southeast Asia’s politics, society and environment by focusing on nationalism, state formation and agrarian political economy. He has been a professor in the Department of Geography at UNC-Chapel Hill since 2011 and served as interim director of the Carolina Asia Center in Spring 2020.

In the book, Lentz explores the 1954 battle of Ðien Biên Phu, where French colonial forces were defeated by the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV). This marked the end of the French empire in modern Vietnam, as well as Cambodia and Laos. Lentz expands his analysis of the battle to include the encompassing Black River region and a longer time frame, from 1945 to 1960, thus contextualizing a significant moment in world history. He also offers a novel conceptualization of territory as a contested process, political technology, and contingent outcome of grounded struggles.

This event is intended for current graduate students and faculty at GETSEA institutions, allowing graduate students who have read the book to have an active and engaged conversation with the author. To register, please click here.

Historic Cham Manuscripts of Vietnam: Creating Access to Endangered Materials

October 25, 2021 hosted by GETSEA

The Southeast Asia Digital Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection, Historic Cham Manuscripts of Vietnam. The collection contains 977 digitized manuscripts, totaling more than 57,800 pages of content from this important Vietnamese minority group. In celebration of this collection, Hao Phan, Southeast Asia Curator at Northern Illinois University, and Jody Butterworth, Curator for the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme, will come together to discuss the origins of this collection, its research potential, and the challenges of digitizing cultural heritage materials in remote field locations.

To register, please click here.