Language Support

With support from the Henry Luce Foundation, the Southeast East Asian Language Council (SEALC) and GETSEA are pleased to award financial assistance to students who incur tuition fees when studying a Southeast Asian language during the academic year at an institution other than their home institution via synchronous distance learning.

The purpose of the award is to facilitate cross-institutional collaboration and increase access to Southeast Asian language instructions, especially for those who seek to study a language or level of study that is not currently offered at their home institution.

There are several factors that are considered when awarding students and determining placements. As demonstrated by the purpose of the award, SEALC-GETSEA awards support distance, synchronous language classes taught by lecturers hired as salaried by the North American host institution. Moreover, in support of SEALC and GETSEA’s mission, the requests and time constraints of the student applying for support is considered when assigning placements. Lastly, in order to support the greatest number of qualified students possible, we strive to place students in high quality courses with reduced tuition costs. We look forward to supporting additional institutions in their efforts to increase the accessibility of their SEA LCTL courses via synchronous distance.

The application deadline for this year’s SEALC-GETSEA Language Tuition Support Awards is July 14, 2023, 11:59 PM Central Time. The award provides tuition reimbursement, minus a modest contribution from the student, for synchronous distance learning of a Southeast Asian language taught by a lecturer at a North American institution.

Language Conversation Groups

Together, SEALC and GETSEA are also sponsoring the facilitation of virtual conversation groups for all of the Southeast Asian languages regularly taught in North America: Burmese/Myanmar, Indonesian, Khmer, Tagalog/Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese.

If you are currently an undergraduate or graduate student at a North American institution and have previously taken a Southeast Asian language or are currently taking one, we invite you to sign up for our virtual language conversation groups. If you are an instructor and interested in facilitating a language conversation group, please reach out to us at

Language conversation groups are a great way to increase your confidence and conversational skill in the language that you are practicing. You will also be able to make connections with other language learners from all across North America.

In Spring 2023 we are hosting three Language Conversation Groups: Burmese, Indonesian, and Vietnamese.

Burmese: February 4, March 4, April 1, and May 6 at 7pm Eastern Time, at the Zoom link here:

Indonesian: More details to follow soon.

Vietnamese: More details are available on the website here.

SEALC-GETSEA Virtual Language Institute

SEALC and GETSEA have recently announced the launch of the SEALC-GETSEA Virtual Language Institute. This institute intends to make Southeast Asian language courses more accessible during the academic year, enabling students to enroll in virtual, synchronous language courses. More information can be found on the SEALC website.