Mini-Course Application for Summer 2022

We are happy to announce that we are accepting applications for our mini-course for the upcoming Summer 2022. Please check the short description with essential information about the mini-course. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at You still have a couple of days left and we are eagerly waiting for your application

Titled “Anarchism and Southeast Asia” this mini-course focuses on the phenomenon of anarchism in Southeast Asia and aims to answer the central questions: “What is anarchism?” Why have prominent theorists of Southeast Asia such as Benedict Anderson and James Scott gravitated towards it in the course of their work? (Or have they?) Who are Southeast Asian anarchists and what do they have to say about anarchism? This course explores these three questions in progression, covering (1) anarchist interventions in anthropology, sociology, and geography; (2) debates on Scott’s “anarchist history” of Zomia; (3) writings from and about Southeast Asian anarchists from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam; and (4) punk subcultures, particularly Islamic and Buddhist punk in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

“Anarchism and Southeast Asia” is offered virtually from June 1 to July 6, 2022, Wednesdays, 8:00PM-10:00PM ET. The course will be taught by Wong Tian An from the University of Michigan.

The deadline for application is May 1, 2022.

Apply here!

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